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What do you need to know about postpartum depression?

Quick facts and tips for moms and family members to keep in mind when there is a new baby in the family:

  •  Sometimes it begins before the baby is born
  • Sometimes it is a slow, subtle slide toward feeling numb or generally bleak about the events in your life
  •  Sometimes it is feeling worried and anxious about your baby or things you used to take in stride
  •  Sometimes it is alarming images and thoughts that pop into your mind when you least expect it
  •  Sometimes it is an overwhelming sense of helplessness or hopelessness
  •  Sometimes it is crushing tiredness
  •  Sometimes it is an anxious drive to keep moving even when you are not sure what you’re doing
  • Sometimes it is the inability to focus or a feeling that you can’t  think straight
  •  Sometimes it is an urge to run away from everything

You are not alone and support can help.  
For more information call Public Health at 250-850-2110.
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