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Play is a Powerful Force

Play is a powerful force. Research is confirming that it shapes much of our health and our approach to the challenges of living throughout our lives, but no more than it does during childhood. Rich early play experiences are directly connected to rich human development. The following memory might trigger your own appreciation for the role of play in lifelong learning and achievement.

As pre-schooler, I helped my Dad build a Tarzan, single rope swing that hung from one or our back yard trees. As time went by, a need for a longer rope and a jump platform, in a nearby tree evolved. Swinging off the platform resulted in a plunge that was anxiously exhilarating. As self confidence grew, the rope became longer and the platform became higher; healthy character building.

Life is filled with Tarzan swings. At an early age, I was imprinted with confidence and self reliance that have served me well over the years; regardless, of the length of the rope or the height of the platform.”

             -Warren Harle, Retired teacher, principal, and currently Trustee School District 72

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