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National Family Week 2011

“In a world that is always moving far to quickly, family, is where we recharge our batteries, where we can find and renew ourselves.”    -- Michaelle Jean Governor General 

National Family Week offers a time to reflect, however fleetingly, on the abiding importance of family.  This year’s theme Turning Your Family's Values into Action highlights how we create meaning and certainty for our children through our family values: Young children pick up many things by watching their parents, including what their parents think is important in life. In other words, they learn their family’s values. You teach them to say please and thank you, and they learn that it is good to be polite and respectful. You praise them for putting their toys away, and they learn that tidiness is a virtue. But as family life fills up with more and more activities, how often do you sit back and think about what your actions are telling your children about your values?  These are ways of connecting and teaching that we pass on to our children and hold us together as “family.”

This year the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs is promoting the well-being of  families by promoting National Family Week: October 3 - 7.   In honor of family life, they encourage parents to take a moment to look at themselves and the values you are setting for their children.  It's important to practice what you preach.  Family time together provides chances to explore and express creativity, to learn and develop new skills, and to have fun!  

For ideas of what to do together as family to celebrate National Family Week go to  Also check out for more family fun activities in our community.

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