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Fri, 2011-09-23 09:47

Our young children are the future of our community.  What we do today matters.

 “The Path to Prosperity”
Join the Community Council of Partners, Success By 6

for lunch and a thought provoking presentation by Lynell Anderson 

Monday November 7, 2011 @ 11:30 – 1:00

 Community Centre Lounge

How do family health, child care and early learning have any relevance to strong and vibrant business?

How does......

·  productivity, absenteeism, recruiting and retention of employees;

·  motivation/energy/morale and concentration;

·  civility, cooperation and collaboration;

·  a strong work ethic 

·  community commitment; and

·  access to a future workforce with high levels of skill and training

............ have relevance to successful business?

Thriving commerce, business and industry are linked to the successful people within the community.  You may know that, but are wondering how much will it cost?

Lynell Anderson has done the math.  She’s explored the challenges.  Now she wants to share that with you.

Lynell Anderson is a BC based certified general accountant and a Senior Researcher within HELP (Human Early Learning Partnership), UBC College for Interdisciplinary Studies.  For 30 years Lynell has worked with various levels of government, as well as, children, women, family and youth-serving organizations and advocacy groups.  Lynell is a leading authority on family policy across the country especially with respect to the finances of child care services.  She is an engaging speaker and writer, and primary spoke person for the proposed New Deal for Families.

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